Black Lives Matter Donation Badge

A customisable website badge to show your support.
✊🏽 Get it. ✊🏿 Be loud. ✊🏼 Fight against racism.
#BlackLivesMatter #EveryLifeMatters

Just Copy and Paste

Paste this into the head or footer of your clientside code.

Customise your badge

You can then customise the donation link, theme, message, and title too. Here's how:

       promoText : 'Send a donation '+String.fromCodePoint(0x2192),
       promoLink : '',
       message : 'To be silent is to be complicit. Black lives matter.',
       title : '#BlackLivesMatter'

Customise the Embed

Look for this section in the code you pasted above. You can customise the values after each colon (e.g. layout:2 - change the 2 to 1)
  • Choose layouts: 1 (badge with text) or 2 (Round button)
  • Theme: 'light' or 'dark'.
  • Add a promo URL to a donation page.
  • Message: any short message.
  • Title: The title of your badge

Together Against Racism! #BlackLivesMatter

BLM Badge lets you add your voice to your website to help fight racism, raising awareness to the problem, and showing ways to help and support the affected groups and communities.